Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Terry's Targa Track

This is my targa track. Why did I build this? I wanted a track that was of my own creation and cost wise building this track in plastic would have been too high. All three lanes are just under 97' in length. The layout dimensions are 26'x13' and the track takes up just about a fourth of my shop space.
Drivers stations and wiring components are from, power supply is from pyramid(PS26kx) and all of the scenery materials are from woodland scenics.

Who Wants To Race?

I do!
I have been ever so patient waiting for the sensor harness to arrive and know my waiting is almost over. I received an email from Mr.Bugs that my harness is on its way. Thats great news because I was so close to wiring the track with a dead strip. Now the fellas can actually backup their smack talk with lap times. When the harness arrives, I'll do a write up about the harness installation and wiring for call buttons.