Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Slot.it Shootout

This is a single proxy race between Slot.it RTR slot cars on my targa track. The shootout will take place on November 15, 2006. Basically, any Slot.it RTR car can be modified with Slot.it parts.

My track is a three lane, mdf, routed track with 7/32 copper tape. Top coat is flat latex enamel. Slot is 1/8" x 9/32". Race voltage will be set at 10 volts on the Pyramid P/S. Controller is a PM 2048. Timing software is Trakmate and UR 3.0, with sensor harness used to activate timing software. Cars will be raced in the counter clockwise direction. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cars of the Slot.it Shootout.
Race format is yet to be determined.
Entry fee will be only how much it costs to get your car here and back home to you. All prizes are donated by me.
Information pertaining to the Slot.it Shootout will be posted here and on SCI,http://slotcarillustrated.com/portal/forums/showthread.php?p=77559#post77559

Slot.it Shootout Rules

Car Rules:
Any Slot.it RTR slot car may be used.

1. Body Rules:
1.) No modifications or alterations to the body or inside of the body allowed (i.e. sanding or grinding to lighten the body or enlarging wheel wells).
2.) No lightening of the stock interior (see rule #3).
3.) The interior pan may be clearanced only to eliminate interference of the inline boxer motor if applicable.
4.) Bodies must be removable to allow for inspection prior to race.
5.) Body may be repainted.
6.) Fantasy or actual liveries are permitted.
7.) Racing numbers are required.
8.) Car owners name and body/pod screw adjustment information on car underside is recommended.
9.) Application of lead weight on or inside the body is not allowed.

2. Chassis
1.) Chassis main plate must be the same or an exact replacement Slot.it main plate originally equipped with the car when new.
2.) Chassis main plate must be one piece between the axles.
3.) Any Slot.it motor pod is permitted.
4.) Sanding of the motor pod and chassis main plate to allow for motor pod/body movement is permitted. No other modifications to chassis main plate or motor pod allowed.
5.) Lead weight is allowed any where on top side of the chassis main plate.
6.) Reinforcing the guide post is permitted with the use of metal, PCB, or carbon fiber as long as fabrication does not exceed 1” (25mm) in any direction.
Another reason for this rule is to permit the reuse of a chassis that has had the guide holder broke.
7.) Any Slot.it guide is permitted.
8.) Aftermarket braid is permitted.
9.) Any gear ratio is permitted using Slot.it parts.
10.) Slot.it hollow axle is permitted.
11.) Slot.it magnetic suspension is permitted.

3. Motors
General motor rules.
1.) Any Slot.it motor is permitted.
2.) Slot.it motors can be run-in prior to race.
3.) No modifications to motors are permitted.
4.) Lead weight placed on top of motor is permitted.

4. Tires and wheels
1.) No tire compound restrictions, except tires must be black.
2.) Wheels and tires need to be appropriately sized for the car. No Slot.it “F1” size rear wheels (scale 13-14” diameter), unless correct for the actual car.
3.) Tires must be completely under the body when viewed from above.
4.) Blank aluminum discs, or three slot discs, must be covered with a wheel insert.
5.) No traction enhancing compounds of any kind allowed on rear tires.
6.) Clear finger nail polish is permitted for the front tires.